Our concept

Go paperless___Go fast___Go compliant

Level 1 Paperless

All control rounds can be completed digitally. Ad-hoc observations, such as reports of dangerous situations, accidents, and Loss Of Containments (LOCs), are also immediately filled in digitally with the help of the app.  Tasks resulting from the observations are generated and assigned to the people who have to perform the required actions.

Level 2 Complete integration

Work instructions, reports, and dashboarding — everything the QHSE managers and coordinators need to implement and control goals set from the manual safely and clearly.

Level 3 Compliance as a service

The third level of our platform makes it possible to immediately identify necessary adjustments resulting from legislative changes. The system knows which parts of the manual, procedures, and work instructions need to be revised.

DG-360 VBS pyramid 936 x 550

The DG-360 concept